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f(x)`s Amber Personally Gave out Dumplings to Lucky MeUs Through an Impromptu Notice



Amber gave out dumplings to lucky MeUs made by herself. 

Amber greeted fans through Weibo live on December 16th. She explained that she will be making dumplings and showed her adorable self making them diligently. In the midst of the live, she did an impromptu announcement to MeUs who are in Seoul to go over to Yeoksam station at 7pm on that day where she will be giving out those dumplings she just made.

Image Source: Twitter 'MeUArgentina'

These lucky fans not only got Amber's handmade dumplings but also got to take a group selfie with her. 

Image Source: Instagram 'ajol_llama'

Check out her Weibo live in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] KL AV

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