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YMC Responds to Rumors Stating Kang Daniel Hospitalized Due to Injury While Filming



YMC Entertainment updates fans on Kang Daniel's current condition. 

On February 8th, rumors about Kang Daniel visited a hospital coming up after one photo of an individual named 'Kang Daniel' being called in for a checkup at one hospital. Rumors got even wilder, saying that the idol is currently being hospitalized.

Image Source: Instiz

Following the rumors, one representative of YMC Entertainment said, "Kang Daniel visited an orthopedist in Namyang for a preventative check-up. Kang Daniel has had bad knees since he was younger as a result of persistent b-boying. The hospital visit was only for preventative treatment and it is not true that he sustained an injury while filming." 

Source: [Youtube] Mnet Official 

Thumbnail Credit: KDANIEL PHOTO

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