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Xiumin Accidentally Spoiled EXO CBX`s Unreleased Track, Totally Surprised His Members



Xiumin gave his CBX members a heart attack with his mistake.

Baekhyun did an Instagram live with Chen and Xiumin together in their car. The boys melted fans ears on a Valentine's day night with series of songs they sang, showing their genuine vocal ability that will leave anyone goosebumps. 

It was when Xiumin was turning on the last song when an exciting yet unfamiliar song came on. Xiumin shouted "Oh...!" before Baekhyun and Chen got flustered and went, "Cannot! Cannot!" Xiumin was able to stop on time before the song got out more when Baekhyun went, "It could have caused a huge matter hyung! (Chen: Please get your mind straight, hyung) What is this...? It's CBX's(song) right...?(Chen: Of course.)"

Hear the snippet of the song at the 19:16 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] 최애돌합시다아아 청춘

Thumbnail Credit: First Love, 푸르체리마

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