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What does Lee Jongsuk`s Official Light Stick Logo and His Fan Meeting Title Mean?



Lee Jongsuk's light stick logo and fan meeting title holds more mean than it seems. 

Lee Jongsuk had his fan meeting with the title, 'DREAMLIKE.' So what does it mean? The actor himself explained that, "I prepared it to spend a dream-like time with my fans that have always been loving me." 

Also, adding on the fun of the event, official light stick in the color of orange with a special looking logo could be seen too. 

Image Source: YG Entertainment

At the first glance, many would think that it is in a shape of a star. It is, in fact, a logo made out of Lee Jongsuk's initial, "ㅈㅅ." 

Just makes you wanna get your hands on one, right? 

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Source: [Youtube] 히카리ᄋᄆᄅ

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