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What Made MONSTA X`s Shownu Curled up Upon Hearing a Song Jooheon Played?



The familiarity of the song sinks in slowly for Shownu.

Shownu and Jooheon shared a hotel room when the latter decided to turn on some music. In fact, a very familiar music. He got viewers to guess, "Do you guys know what song is this?" before the singing starts.

Shownu who just came out from the bathroom with his shower cap on, couldn't hold in his shyness the moment he heard his own voice.

Image Source: Youtube '션러버shownlover' Screenshot

He even entertained Jooheon by imitating the way how he himself sang it. Jooheon who was excitingly enjoying the music introduced the track, "This is a song of Son Hyunwoo(Shownu's real name)'s called 'Now We Know Why'." 

Image Source: Youtube '션러버shownlover' Screenshot

Now We Know Why' is the soundtrack that Shownu sang for the drama, 'Protect the Boss.' Shy Shownu totally hid himself away from the camera. 

Watch the moment in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] 션러버shownlover'

Thumbnail Credit: Heonist, Perfection

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