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Video of SHINee`s Jonghyun Singing at His Friend`s Wedding Resurfaces, It will Tear Your Heart



An old video of Jonghyun has resurfaced, and fans could not move on from him. 

Recently, a fancam of the late idol singing at his best friend has become a hot topic. The video was taken at Jonghyun's school friend, Sojin. Sojin is also the pianist of 'WeFreaky,' a band Jonghyun always makes music with, especially on his solo albums.

Image Source: Youtube 'yeol byun' Screenshot

Before singing his hit solo song, 'End of the Day,' Jonghyun explained, "Actually I was thinking much of what song I should perform, I want to give something special to Jinnie (Sojin). I wrote this song together with her, and it hasn't been released. It's a perfect song to listen when you are tired. I will sing 'End of the Day.'"

Image Source: Youtube 'yeol byun Screenshot

It turned out that the song had not been released at that time. It's indeed a special song for him and his friend. Seeing this, not few fans recall the golden moment Jonghyun had during his life. 

Source: [Youtube] yeol byun

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