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VIXX`s Ravi`s Besties Appeared in His Lyrics, Sealing Their Friendship For Life



Ravi included names of his best buddies in his latest release. 

Ravi has recently released his 2nd mixtape title 'NIRVANA' with 7 tracks in total. Among them, one of the tracks titled, 'Ravi Da Loca,' caught attentions with one interesting part in its lyrics. 

Image Source: Melon

There's a part of his lyrics where it went, 

"I miss u

Jongin(EXO's Kai ) Taeminiee(SHINee), Moonkyu(HOTSHOT's Timoteo)...

I luv my fuckin' homies

we're fuckin' busy" 

Simple words that holds strong meaning and showed firm 'homie' friendship. Check out the song in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] 제

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