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VIXX`s Leo was Busy `Cooling` His Members` Feet Down During Their Recent Concert in Singapore



Leo was not only busy performing.

VIXX held their 'SHANGRI LA in Singapore' concert on December 2nd. During their encore stage, other than the uplifted energy in the venue, some playfulness could be seen as well. 

Leo helped himself with a bottle of water and squatted down behind Hongbin. Hongbin must have left something cold seeping into his feet when he turned back to spot Leo pouring water into his shoes. 

Image Source: Youtube 'Nichkhunnie' Screenshot

Instead of getting his revenge on the spot, Hongbin playfully approached him as Leo made his escape. 

Image Source: Youtube 'Nichkhunnie' Screenshot

Watch the moment at the 4:40 mark in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] Nichkhunnie

Thumbnail Credit: TaekMyLight, RedLight

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