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Tiffany Personally did a Special `Gg` Tattoo for a Tattooist



Tiffany gave tattooing a try as a tattooist. 

Tiffany who personally has a few beautiful tattoos to name got a chance to try out tattooing for another during her time in New York.

Posted on the tattooist's Instagram was a series of pictures, first, the final result which clearly showed 2 'Gg' icons on the inner part of his right arm as well as a video of Tiffany, working on his arm with the tattoo machine on the second. 

Tiffany also added another beautiful rose on her finger while she was there. 

Image Source: Instagram 'jonboytattoo' 

Watch Tiffany's work in progress clip in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] IGvideo123 only & [Instagram] jonboytattoo

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