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Tiffany Made Short `Appearance` on Sooyoung`s Reality Show



The members definitely have been missed. 

On the second episode of 'Born in 1990, Choi Sooyoung,' Sooyoung went on a trip with her fellow companion, Stellar, who is known for being a trainee that nearly debuted as part of Girls' Generation. On their way, Sooyoung made a video call to someone which she greeted brightly. 

The owner of the voice turned out to be Tiffany who is currently studying acting abroad in the States. With her usual eye smile, she greeted the camera through the screen with hashtag on side that went, 

"#Girls' Generation's Tiffany

 #Born in 1989

 #Currently studying abroad in the States for her dream"

Image Source: Youtube '딩고 스낵비디오' Screenshot

Watch the moment at the 3:59 mark in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] 딩고 스낵비디오

Thumbnail Credit: Foreveryoung


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