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Take a Closer Look: Lee Jongsuk`s Sophisticated Dining Cafe You Should Visit in Seoul



Who knows that Lee Jongsuk owns a cafe? Well, some of fans know it! However, why don't we take a closer look on it?

The actor's cafe is named '89 Mansion' and it is located at Sinsa-dong, a hype place in Seoul, South Korea. '89 Mansion' is a cafe with the modern design and you'll be surprised by each corner in the cafe. Although it is a cafe, visitors can enjoy small bites and Italian main course while sipping the signature coffee. 

Image Source: NAVER BLOG 'hello_nanas'

Don't worry! The fancy food and ambiance won't hurt your wallet, though! Everything in the cafe comes with quite reasonable price, although it might be not as cheap as the small restaurant next door.

Image Source: NAVER BLOG 'hello_nanas'

Not only that Lee Jongsuk owns the cafe, it was reported that he frequently visits the cafe to check everything is going well. He is even close with the cafe staff -- they even went to a ski resort to celebrate the new year! Make sure you visit the pretty cafe once you come to Seoul! 

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Source: [Youtube] NewsCultureTV & [Instagram] cafe.89mansion, jongsuk0206

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