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Taeyeon`s Self-Scolding in Her Recent [Taeng TV] will Give You a Good Laugh



Taeyeon let it all out in that flustered situation.

Taeyeon released another travel trip through her 'Taeng TV' to share her trip to Canada. She showed so many carefree side of her, for example, sleeping in the plane with her mouth wide open. Cuteness after cuteness, Taeyeon filled up the clip with her overwhelming charms. Of course, the ending a good punch to the overall. 

Wanted to greet the morning with a cup of good coffee, she headed to a nearby Starbucks Coffee only to realized that she doesn't have any cash with her. Leaving the store immediately, she scolded herself, 'Oh my god, crazy b*tch. Oh my oh my, crazy b*tch' on the way out. 

Image Source: Youtube '출구없태연' Screenshot

Watch the fruitful travelog by Taeyeon in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] 출구없태연

Thumbnail Credit:  jjoggomi

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