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Taeyeon Amazed Fans with Outstanding Performance Despite Trembling Vocals after Crying at [32nd GDA]



Taeyeon has proven what real singer is. 

On January 11th, Taeyeon once again received praises for her professionalism as a singer. On the night, she had to perform her solo song, 'Fine,' live, despite the fact that she had just cried over Lee Hi's special stage for the late SHINee's Jonghyun

Image Source: JTBC

Listening to her vocals, anyone can tell that Taeyeon is not at her best condition. However, it's definitely understandable, remembering that she had just cried right before the live stage. She managed to impress everyone with her crystal clear vocals and perfect-pitch. It seems like you don't need any other explanation but to watch the performance above, right?


Source: [Youtube] 팔도조선


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