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Suzy and Nam Joohyuk are in Talks for Lead Roles in Upcoming MBC New Drama



Suzy and Nam Joohyuk have received offers for lead roles in MBC's upcoming drama. 

On January 31st, a representative from MBC told media, "It is true that Suzy and Nam Joohyuk have been offered with the lead roles in a new drama. However, nothing has been confirmed for their appearance in the drama." Suzy and Nam Joohyuk are currently still reviewing the drama before making any decision.

The drama title is 'Come Here, Hug Me' (literal title). The new drama is scheduled to start airing sometime in May this year. 'Come Here, Hug Me' tells a story of a man and a woman who manage to stay alive after being involved in a murder case in the past. 


Are you looking forward to Suzy and Nam Joohyuk being in a drama together?

Source: [Youtube] jypentertainment, YG ENTERTAINMENT

Thumbnail Credit: CAMELLIA -0222-

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