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Super Junior`s Heechul Proved Himself as an Obedient Hyung in a Recent Post



Heechul followed instructions given VERY well.

Heechul posted a video of himself filming in a tight fitting pink costume, running into a  green background. The reason for this filming was not mentioned by we sure know who is the director of the filming. 

The post was posted along with the following caption, 

"Even though I am being called in since dawn on a rainy day, me who can't complain because my member is the director. Even though I am being dressed in a spring outfit and freezing to death, me who can't make a fuss because my member is the director. Even though I am being instructed to do this and that, me who can't say anything because my member is the director. #HeechuleeWhoListensWellToShindong'sWords #HeechuleeWhoLooksPatheticInFrontOfHisMembers

The almighty Heechul definitely has a different side of him with his members. Watch the video right above!

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Source: [Youtube] 권예지 & [Instagram] kimheenim


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