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Suho`s Way of Handling His Mic Malfunction at a Recent Stage is Sure a Cute Sight



Suho’s head mic fell off and he handled it smoothly like a professional he is. 

EXO showed the best stages of the night on top of their honorable wins at the ‘32nd Golden Disk Award.’ Their leader who was spotted in a denim jacket had his mic fell off in the midst of their ‘Run This’ stage. The mic was dangling in front of him before he can't help but to let out a shy smile. He held the mic and tried to hide it under his denim jacket for the moment to continue with their 'Ko Ko Bop' stage.

Image Source: Youtube 'Lucete, My B' Screenshot

Suho had to hold onto his mic whenever his part came on yet not a bit fretted by it, except for the few smiles that fans won't mind for more. 

Watch the moment at the very start of the video above!

Source: [Youtube] Lucete, My B 

Thumbnail Credit: 눈꽃소년, amadorSUHO


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