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Special on Valentine`s Day, BTS` RM Wrote This Letter to Fans

Special on Valentine`s Day, BTS` RM Wrote This Letter to Fans


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RM has surprised fans with a special message on Valentine's Day.

On February 14th, RM took to BTS' official fan cafe and uploaded a photo of chocolate in light of Valentine's Day. Together with the photo, he wrote, "Good morning. Have you gone to school? Or you are working? Or just taking a rest? Honestly, to have fun in the morning is hard, right? Because we are always tired."

He continued, "I have to go somewhere, so I woke up earlier this morning. I want to go quickly and be back, sleeping like Koya. Tomorrow is Lunar New Year, so I will eat a lot of rice cake soup. Be happy because you are getting one year older. It means like you are getting older now just like when you eat seaweed soup on your birthday. I want everyone to be happier now. For me and the things I will do today, I hope everything will be good." 

The BTS leader added, "Wherever you are, you cannot just stay quiet. You have to run chasing something. The world is like that, isn't it? To relax and sit down will not change anything. Anyway, this morning, we were tired. However, let's smile more often. Ah, right, today is Valentine's Day, because I cannot give you chocolate, I can just give you this. Thank you for today."

Source: [Youtube] Stand by RM

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