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Soon to Wed, This Model Couple Takes on Their Wedding Photo Shoots with Style



Top models Kwak Jiyoung and Kim Wonjong took wedding shoots, the model way. 

Models Kwak Jiyoung and Kim Wonjong will be tying the knot after 7 years of dating. The both of them met each other as a senior and junior in the industry before getting into a relationship. The soon-to-wed will be tying the knot in May and their wedding photo shoot pictures have been revealed to be at a different vibe and style from the norm. 

Image Source: instiz 

Instead of going for only beautiful gowns for the bride, model Kwak Jiyoung decided to go for a suit, showing off her carefree and handsome character. 

Congratulations to the couple! 

Source: [Youtube] wkorea

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