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Sleep Together, Ratings of Yoon Doojoon and Kim Soohyun`s [Radio Romance] Increased



'Radio Romance' shows a positive improvement in terms of viewership rating. 

The drama's fourth episode was aired on February 6th, and viewers loved it! On the episode, there is a scene where Song Geurim (played by Kim Sohyun) and Ji Sooho (played by Yoon Doojoon) sleep together in one room, even though that it was because they had no other choice but to do so.  

Image Source: KBS2

The fourth episode recorded a 5.6% in viewership rating, which is a 0.4% increase compared to the previous episode's rating. On the other hand, drama 'Cross' which features Jeon Somin and Go Kyungpyo recorded 4.7% in viewership rating, while 'Laughter in Waikiki' recorded a 1.9% viewership rating.

Are you catching up with the drama, people?

Source: [Youtube] KBS 한국방송 (MyloveKBS)

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