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SF9 Members are All Big Eater... Here`s What They Do to Stay in Shape

SF9 Members are All Big Eater... Here`s What They Do to Stay in Shape


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The boys share tips on being in shape and fit.

It's not a secret that K-Pop idols resort to many regimes to keep their bodies in shape, and SF9 is not an exception. During their short interview with online media platform, Dingo, the boys shared tips for dieting and staying fit.

Member Inseom started to reveal that when he is on a diet he doesn't eat any carbs, and prefer to eat a big portion of salad instead. Less extreme, Hwiyoung opts to reduce his portions. While for Dawon, he said that he chooses to be a Vegetarian. Unfortunately, fellow SF9 members quickly exposed how big his love is to eat meat.

Unlike the other members, Zuho chooses to intensify his dance to burn calories. Hearing at how confident he is, the rest of the members didn't miss the chance to make jokes about his belly.

Image Source: Youtube 'CHunliezsJH' Screenshot

Meanwhile, SF9 is currently busy promoting 'MAMMA MIA,' the title track of their 4th mini-album with the same name. 'MAMMA MIA' is full of fun and fresh concept that highlight the boys' confidence and youth vibes. The song is produced by Erik Lidbom and Kim Changrak.

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Source: [Youtube] CHunliezsJH, FNCent

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