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SF9 Members Revealed Chani`s Comments are always Blunt

SF9 Members Revealed Chani`s Comments are always Blunt


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Fans compiled footage of Chani's blunt comments to the other members. 

During a radio broadcast, the members revealed that the youngest member Chani showed his aegyo only when he was asking them to buy fried chicken. In the compiled video, when they talked about themselves, Chani replied with straightforward comments to the other members. Taeyang said, "Sometimes, I suddenly sing high notes when the other members are resting." Chani always coldly says, "He's so noisy." When Dawon said, "I'm the most flexible member," he then said again, "Let's skip over it." However, Dawon continued, "I'm through and charismatic." Hearing him, Chani said, "Let's just move on." 

You can watch the video above to see more!

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Source: [Youtube] 찬희가드

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