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SF9 Members Challenged Switching Parts For [K.O]

SF9 Members Challenged Switching Parts For [K.O]


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SF9 members was a mess whey they attempted to switch their parts!

SF9 attempted performing 'K.O' with members parts mixed up. The members chose their role in order starting from the youngest and after revealing which role each of them got, they started the challenge.

The choreography was so smooth that the members were shocked. However, the shock did not last long when the next moment the members started to ask, "Ah how do I do this??" As the song goes on, questions like, "Is this right?", "Where am I??" and also Chani said, "There's no one beside me." Members could be seen running around the studio trying to find their positions and catch up. 

Despite the messy attempt, the members were proud of their work. Dawon praised his group saying,"Good! It was perfect!" and Youngbin with,"From the look of it, I think we can do well even with our parts switched!" 

You can watch the switch parts attempt in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] Mimmy Lee

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