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People Keep Calling B1A4`s Jinyoung with a Nickname 'Grandpa,' He is NOT Happy with It



B1A4's Jinyoung does not like the nickname 'grandpa' he has.


On October 4th, Jinyoung came as one of the guests of tvN's 'Wednesday Food talk.' While talking about their favorite meal to eat with alcohol, MC Jun Hyunmoo asked Jinyoung about his 'grandpa' nickname he got from fans. To this, Jinyoung explained how he thinks that the nickname does not suit him.

The B1A4 member explained, "I think my fans think that I'm physically weak so they called me 'grandpa.' They also send me a lot of well-being food as gifts." He continued, "They send samgyetang (boiled chicken soup with herbs), ginseng, and more. To be honest, my fitness is not that bad."

Meanwhile, you can also see how his fellow member call him 'grandpa' in the video above.

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