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Park Seojoon Responds to Taehyung Post with a Flirty Comment



Fans have once again able to see the adorable interaction between two best friends Park Seojoon and BTS' Taehyung.

On February 10th, Park Seojoon took to his Instagram and uploaded another photo from his trip with Park Hyungsik and BTS' Taehyung. In the caption, Park Seojoon wrote, "Photo by taetae. If you want something like this, you should have told me."

While it might look like a simple shoutout from Park Seojoon to the idol, fans who have seen their previous posts find it far more adorable. Previously, Taehyung took to BTS' official Twitter account, also to share photos from the trip. In his post, he wrote, "#photobyddongman."

Image Source: Twitter '@BTS_twt'

It turned out that Park Seojoon is being witty with Taehyung's post and he said that Taehyung should have told him before if he wants a mention from him. How cute! 

Source: [Youtube] 쏘 쏘 & [Instagram] bn_sj2013

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