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OH MY GIRL`s Arin Seems to be Bored with Hearing She`s Cute



OH MY GIRL's youngest member Arin revealed what she wants to hear from people. 

During the a radio broadcast of 'Tei's Dream Radio', DJ Tei asked OH MY GIRL members "Arin is cute, right?", all members strongly agreed. Hyojung added "Even though we're really sorry to keep saying that she is cute, but she is so adorable.." Tei asked Arin "Your members and the other people always tell you, you are so cute, but to be honesty, have you ever felt bored hearing that?" To this, Arin hesitated a bit and answered "Yes..." and the other members burst into laughter. Arin shyly revealed she wanted to hear other things such as she is pretty. 

You can see the video to know more. 

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Source: [Youtube] 키사 

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