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Non-Fans See This Photo of WINNER`s Mino and Jinwoo, They Think Jinwoo is Mino`s Girlfriend



Some people have mistakenly thought that WINNER's Jinwoo is a girl -- and that he is Mino's girlfriend. 

It's not a secret anymore that Jinwoo has pretty boy image. His pretty face has even caused a misunderstanding for non-fans. On an online community, there's a user innocently asked who is "the girl" standing beside Mino. However, "the girl" is none other than Jinwoo. 

Image Source: Naver

Responding to the question, one fan explained, "That person is not a woman. He is Jinwoo, a WINNER member ㅋㅋㅋ  He's a guy who is as beautiful as a woman ㅋㅋ." It seems like Jinwoo's pretty face is just enough to make non-fans question whether he is a man or woman.

Image Source: As Tagged

Image Source: Instiz

Source: [Youtube] KBS KONG

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