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NCT`s Jaehyun`s Fury Red Ears During a Recent Performance Worried Not Only Fans But Netizens Too



NCT performed at an outdoor congratulatory concert at the temperature of -14 degrees celsius.

NCT performed at the 'Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Headliner Show' on February 12th and the temperature on that day were cruelly brutal at -14 degrees celsius. On top of that, the event was held outdoors. The boys had their stage outfits on that are obviously insufficient to bear the cold weather.

When the boys were on stage, fans spotted the extreme redness along Jaehyun's ear helix. It is usual to find redness on one's ear helix during a chilly winter day but Jaehyun's was exceptionally red that it started to worry fans as well as netizen who came across the picture taken at site.

Image Source: Twitter 'slash' 

It was a really chilly day despite so, the boys performed with great professionalism. Watch their stage in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] 재현

Thumbnail Credit: MYMY97214, slash 

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