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MONSTA X`s Shownu Got Shy After Fans Praised Him and This was What He Responded Them with



Shownu's expression and words don't match at all. 

MONSTA X was having their pre-recording when a fan called out, "Shownu-yah!" which the member responded, "Oh?" In coming was a praise that went, "You're handsome!" making Shownu extremely shy that was shown clearly through his expression.

Image Source: Youtube '션러버shownlover' Screenshot 

He thought about it for a moment before going, "We have to do the recording..." which has no relation to the praise thrown to him. Jooheon replied in place for Shownu and teased him, "He really likes it."

Image Source: Youtube '션러버shownlover' Screenshot 

Watch the moment in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] 션러버shownlover

Thumbnail Credit: Eternal Summer

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