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Lee Junki was Seen Enjoyably Grooving to EXO`s Performance at a Recent Event



The actor has his focus fully on the stage. 

Lee Junki attended the 'Asian Artist Awards' ceremony which EXO was attending as well. Before the stages, the actor was being shortly interviewed by MC Leeteuk, asking which is the stage that the actor himself is looking forward to seeing. 

With not much hesistation, he replied, "Personally, Baekhyun who I have acted with as well as EXO. I am waiting just to see that." 

Image Source: Youtube 'ILZANpire' Screenshot

True to his words, the actor has his eyes totally fixed on the stages presented by EXO and could obviously be seen grooving to the rhythm naturally. 

Watch Lee Junki's reaction to EXO's stage in the first video and at the mark 1:20 in the second video where the actor expressed his anticipation for the stage in the videos above!

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Source: [Youtube] ILZANpire, Magonna Wolinelo

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