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Lee Jongsuk`s Answer about Seeking Happiness in a Recent Interview Garners Attention



Fans are worried about Lee Jongsuk's comments on happiness.

The actor has recently worked together with fashion magazine 'InStyle Korea' for a photo shoot and an interview. During the interview session, one of the topic is to talk about what happiness means to Lee Jongsuk. 

Lee Jongsuk revealed that he looks for ways to live happily. He explained, "There are moments when I give up while I'm having a hard time. However, there are also some things that I cannot let go. I think I did become comfortable about things I've been tightly holding on. While I was filming today, I suddenly became very tired. I ate a piece of chocolate and wondered, 'Is this what happiness is?'"

His answer has quickly been a spotlight as fans are all worried about him. Somehow, the answer implies that the actor still fails to find his real happiness. What do you think about this? Meanwhile, you can see his pictorial with the fashion magazine below. 

Image Source: InStyle

Source: [Youtube] ARIRANG K-POP

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