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Lee Jongsuk Mentioned This One Thing as What He Did the Best in 2017



Lee Jongsuk picked one thing he is satisfied the most in 2017.

Recently, the actor has worked together with fashion magazine 'High Cut.' Not only that he posed in front of camera for the magazine, Lee Jongsuk has also sat down for an interview. 

He firstly talked about his hit drama 'When You were Asleep,' saying, "I like the scenes I took with the sunbaenim. As you said, I got closer with Kim Wonhae sunbaenim after I took a scene with him." He continued, "Actually there were a lot of comical scenes in the drama, and I also learnt a lot from him. I found out that he put a lot of consideration for his ad-lib."

When asked about the best thing in 2017, Lee Jongsuk answered, "The fact that I opened my cafe. It's the business I want to do. Although I have packed schedule, I go to my cafe often." The actor then concluded the interview with his wish in 2018. He explained, "In 2018, I want to try light romantic comedy drama, or mellow projects."

You can also take a look on his pictorial for the magazine below. 

Image Source: HIGH CUT

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