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Lee Jongsuk Held a Fan Meeting... His Fan Service will Make Everyone Not Coming Jealous to Death



Lee Jongsuk has brought fan service into another level. 

On December 23rd, the actor held a fan signing event for his first poetry book, 'It's All My Fault' in Gangnam, Seoul. Hundreds of fans came to the event to see the actor and the chosen one can feel what it is like to receive love directly from Lee Jongsuk. 

Image Source: Youtube 'tutti frutti' Screenshot

During the event, the actor supposedly only gave fans autographs. However, the actor decided to gave more to repay fans' infinite supports and love. Unlike the usual fan signing, where fans can only talk to their favorite and/or hold their hands, Lee Jongsuk personally hugged the fans coming to him one by one! Needless to say, Netizens who could not attend the event expressed their jealousy through comments, such as "I am so jealous right now", "Why don't I live in Seoul?", "Lee Jongsuk is so kind to do that to his fans", and more.

Watch the fancam above to know more! 

Source: [Youtube] tutti frutti

Thumbnail Credit: HYE NLIA

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