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Krystal Shared the Most Exciting Part She Felt while Acting as `Mura` in [Bride of the Water God]



2017 fashionista awardee, Krystal talks about her goddess role as 'Mura.' 

Krystal once again claimed the '2017 Fashionista Award' for two consecutive years in a row and was given recognition for her excellent role as Mura, the water goddess in her previous drama, 'Bride of the Water God.' 

She shared that, 

"Firstly, because Mura is a goddess who is living as an actress in the human world, she always has to be perfect with the perfect make-up, hair. She has to be fully dressed up. She was a character that needs to be in heels even when she is at home. That's why, I went through lots of fittings and got lots of alternations too. I think lot of work was being done while preparing the attires. It was the most fun(part of it)"

Congratulations, Krystal! Watch the moment at the 0:49 mark in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] Pour le déesse Krystal

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