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JYJ`s Jaejoong Danced to TVXQ`s [Rising Sun] at His Recent Fan Meeting



Fans went wild with emotions as Jaejoong dances to his former group, TVXQ's 'Rising Sun.'

Jaejoong stopped by Taiwan for his fan meeting on November 5th. During the special dance time, a series of songs were played and Jaejoong was to dance to them after listening to it. 

Following the first song, 'TT' by TWICE, fans went wild with the second song which brought back so much memories. Released in 2005, TVXQ's 'Rising Sun,' was being played next. Jaejoong could only smile while looking at the big screen before facing the audience. As naturally as it was, Jaejoong danced to the song the way his body remembers it. 

Watch the moment starting from the 3:18 mark in the video above! 

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Source: [Youtube] Pei Yuuki


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