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IU and Lee Sungyun Spotted Filming Their Drama [My Mister]... You Can Now Meet Them if You Visit Korea



It might be the best time to visit Korea now if you are willing to increase your chance to meet IU and actor Lee Sungyun. 

Recently, photos of the two filming their upcoming tvN's drama 'My Mister' were spread all over the Internet. Lee Sungyun and IU were spotted visiting various places, such as street-market, supermarket, subway (they even visited 'Sinjeongnegori' station on the line number 2, which is famous for tourists!), restaurant, and many other public facilities. 

Image Source: Instiz

'My Mister' is a drama telling the story of a band of three middle-aged men who try to endure the hardships of their day to day lives in their own ways, and a young woman (played by IU) who also faces hardships of her own, as their lives become intertwined and they find healing with one another. 

The drama is set to start airing on March 21st.

Source: [Youtube] River woods

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