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IU Bumped to Fans While Celebrating Her [32nd GDA] Daesang in a Restaurant, She Paid the Bill for Them



IU personally bought meal for fans.

On January 10th, IU won Digital Daesang with her song 'Through the Night;' and just like she said during the winning speech, all of her team went to a restaurant to celebrate the win. One fan, who accidentally went to a same restaurant with the artist revealed an interesting story, that IU personally paid for everyone coming there. 


Image Source: Instiz

The fan revealed, "I heard from a younger friend, she saw IU at the restaurant. There were three teams in the restaurant. Because IU won Daesang at that night, she paid the bill. I'm so envious and I want to eat the meat that IU bought. Actually, I thought that she was just okay, but hearing her doing all of those thing makes me feels different."

Do you also envy her much?

Source: [Youtube] IBT IU 


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