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INFINITE`s Woohyun Said He has Lost Contact with Hoya

INFINITE`s Woohyun Said He has Lost Contact with Hoya


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INFINITE's Woohyun revealed that it's been a while for him and Hoya not to contact each other. 

During the group's showcase for their third album 'Top Seed' on January 8th, the members were asked whether they keep in touch with ex-fellow member Hoya. While the other members revealed that they contact with Hoya frequently, Woohyun revealed that he has lost contact with Hoya.  

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Woohyun expressed, "It's been some time since the last time I talked to Hoya." He then asked himself, "When was the last time I spoke with Hoya?" making the other members laugh. Woohyun added, "They asked me whether or not I knew that Hoya changed his number, but Hoya didn't tell me, so I was a little disappointed. My number is still the same, so please call me (Hoya)."

Woohyun also said, "We previously promised to have a drink together but he didn't contact me even when it was the end-of-the-year. Sunggyu said they talked on the phone, so I also said I did too, but I actually didn't."

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