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Holland Reveals More about His Kiss Scene in [Neverland] Music Video



Holland has revealed more about the controversial kiss scene he had in his debut track 'Neverland' MV.

The idol has recently sat down for an interview with 'Star TV,' where he talked about his debut with 'Neverland.' One of the topics is about the kiss scene he had with the male model in the music video. He explained, "During the kiss scene, I felt somewhat embarrassed. People in the set and my partner were also embarrassed."

Image Source: Youtube '스타TV' Screenshot

He continued, "Among the numerous staff there, no one talked to me, and they kept playing music starting one hour before the scene to make the mood better. Moreover, the fact that I have to kiss my partner in such a bright set made me a bit nervous. However, the scene came out better than what I have expected and I am satisfied with it."

Meanwhile, you can watch the full interview above. 

Source: [Youtube] 스타TV 

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