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Gugudan`s Nayung Reveals Sejung`s Bad Habit on Live Broadcast



Gugudan's Nayoung made Sejung embarrassed. 

On a episode of the TV show 'Get It Beauty', Gugudan's Nayoung surprisingly came out and revealed Sejung's bad habit. She said, "Sejung looks very clean but actually she is not" and the idol jokingly added "Even, her name is Sejung, --(same Korean pronunciation with cleaning.) but she doesn't clean her room. She just piles up her stuff on her bed.." Sejung said "I'm getting better.. these days.." but Nayoung didn't agree with her. To this, singer Ock Juhyun helped Sejung "I am like you. I just clean my room when I want to." then, Sejung happily agreed what Juhyun said. 

You can see the video to know more. 

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Source: [Youtube] BBOOM TV

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