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Gong Yoo Revealed Why There Isn`t a Production from Him After [Goblin] Conclusion



Gong Yoo shared his post 'Goblin' life. 

In an upcoming pictorial interview with 'ELLE,' the actor shared that, 

"Won't there be a time where you would crumble down after ending a work that was done in a busy and nervous state? Whether it was in term of physically or mentally, the pain came all at once. I spent my time going through them, overcoming them and also had some time for myself." 

Image Source: Twitter 'bellforyou'

Many are curios about his upcoming plans in his next production, Gong Yoo went, "Even though its hard, I would like to do a film soon. However, when it comes to times like this, I have no productions on my hand." 

Image Source: Twitter 'bellforyou'

On the other hand, Gong Yoo has shared how he was able to pick up Tennis with the time he currently has at a recent event.

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Source: [Youtube] BLACK DSOUL

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