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GOT7`s Jackson was Late to Realize That It wasn`t the Cue Yet and His Reaction was Just Perfect



Jackson was a step too fast. 

In a past V live broadcast where fans were shocked to have thought that GOT7 had a new member, the members were about to have a toast to celebrate an occasion with JYP. They raised their glasses and hear out what JYP has got to say before going for a loud cheer. 

Jackson thought that was the cue to drink and drank his glass empty. Realizing that his cup was empty while the rest still hasn't had their sip, Jackson looked totally stunned.

Image Source: V LIVE 'GOT7' Screenshot

Youngjae who was the only one to realize that can't help but let out a silent laugh. 

Image Source: V LIVE 'GOT7' Screenshot

Watch the moment at the 2:30 mark in the video above! 

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Source: [V LIVE] GOT7

Thumbnail Credit: 왕家


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