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GOT7`s Jackson Gifted His Father a Luxurious Present for His Birthday



Jackson just wants to spoil his father.

Jackson uploaded a short video at his father's birthday celebration on his Instagram that was full of nothing, but excitement and happiness. His sweet preparation and adorable dress up in a tuxedo warmed his father's heart as well as fans. 

The best thing that came after the cake blowing was the moment Jackson delivered up a 'Rolex Submariner Blue' that he prepared for his old man's special day. 

This watch costs approximately $13,950 and for a 25 years old, it's definitely a huge figure. With the heart to show his family, his dad that their son is now capable to take care of him sure was laid out cleanly and clearly. 

Happy Birthday once again, Papa Wang! 

Source: [Youtube] Minseok Easy Lyric Kpop & [Instagram] jacksonwang852g7

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