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GOT7`s JB Decided to Pass on the Mic to Yugyeom at the Very Last Minute, Flustering the Poor Maknae



Yugyeom was caught by surprise. 

The boys attended the '32nd Golden Disk Awards' that was held on January 11th. At the photo wall event, the MC prompted the boys to talk about their fan meeting that will happening next month.

JB smilingly received the question with a mic on his hand before suddenly handing the mic over to Yugyeom that was right beside him. 

Image Source: Youtube 'fihan_ fhi' Screenshot

Their maknae started off with the dates but that's all he could confidently say without looking around, trying to get help from his members. 

Watch the moment at the 2:35 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] fihan_ fh

Thumbnail Credit: 자몽식혜, Spring


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