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GDragon Refrained Seungri from Visiting the Hospital Despite Being Sick?



GDragon's words who had a twist effect. 

In the recent appearance on 'Ask Us Anything,' Seungri shared an episode where he got so hurt from GDragon's word. The BIGBANG maknae went, "Not only were the members sick but the staffs as well (at that time). I was so sick that I went, 'I will go to the hospital to get myself an injection and come back.' GD hyung said to me, 'You aren't the only one who is sick right now! Everyone is sick and feeling unwell! So, hold it in!'" 

He added, "I thought that he was really cold(towards me) and so I held it in. The funny thing is that, I got well! I held it in and got well! So I never take medication from then on!" 

GDragon's words who worked better than medications. Watch the moment in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] JTBC Entertainment

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