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Fans Took Photos of Lee Junki... This is What He Did to Them in Return



Lee Junki has his own way to repay his fans' love. 

It's not a secret anymore that fans always try their best to capture every moment of their bias whenever they have the chance, so do Lee Junki's fans. Among hundreds (or even thousands) of the actor's HD photos, Lee Junki personally picked four of them and uploaded them on his personal Instagram account. 

He uploaded the photos to thank the fans for taking his photos. In the caption, he wrote, "Thank you for your beautiful photo I LUV IT." It turned out that the first two photos shared by him were taken by a fan named 'jgdan1004,' while the photographer of the other two is not identified. 

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Source: [Youtube] 나무엑터스 NAMOOACTORS Official 

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