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Fans Say This Female Singer is Wanna One Kang Daniel`s Twin



Fans have found that this female singer and Kang Daniel strongly resemble each other. 

She is no other than talented singer Ailee! The two have now been famous for being a "nation siblings" for their strong resemblance. Both Ailee and Kang Daniel have chubby cheeks and adorable eyes. Their fair skin is also another point which makes them look even more similar. 

Not only fans, but Ailee and Kang Daniel themselves seem to know this fact. Ailee even once posted a selfie she took with Kang Daniel with matching V sign, while writing in the caption, "Now I have found my younger twin. #WeareBothSurprisedWhenWeTooktheSelfie found my twin brother."

Do you also think that they look similar to each other? Meanwhile, you can also watch Daniel's reaction to Ailee's stage performance in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] Be a Poet & [Instagram] aileeonline

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