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Fans Fall over OH MY GIRL Arin`s Younger Brother for His Idol-Like Visual



OH MY GIRL's Arin shared selfies she took with her younger brother, and it quickly went viral.

Recently, Arin posted two photos on her SNS, revealing how her younger brother really looks like. The photos were taken when they visited water park together. In the photos, fans really can see how their visual overflows in front of the camera. While people have been familiar with Arin's adorable face, her younger brother has successfully garnered attention. 

Image Source: Dispatch

Although their face were partially covered with the camera effect's stickers, anyone can tell that their visuals is not a joke. Arin's younger brother is not an idol, but his visual tells a different thing, right? How do you like Arin's younger brother, girls?

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Source: [Youtube] M2

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