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FTISLAND`s Hongki Gives His Unique Rendition of TVXQ`s [Mirotic]



Hongki didn't disappoint! 

Hongki presents his own unique cover of the legendary TVXQ song 'Mirotic' on his 'Hongki`s Kiss the Radio' show! Known for his husky and one of a kind vocal color, many listeners and fans were impressed with the singer's cover. 

Image Source: Youtube 'KBS CoolFM' Screenshot

Despite having some minor mistakes here and there, he was able to cover a song that was made for a group all by himself. Not only did he manage to smooth into the rap part before the climax, he did his own ad-lib that added a different spice to the rendition. 

Image Source: Youtube 'KBS CoolFM' Screenshot

Watch Hongki's rendition of 'Mirotic' in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] KBS CoolFM

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