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Expert Fortune Teller Told Song Jihyo and Kim Jongkook are Perfect for Relationship



The fortune teller believes that the aces of 'Running Man' might go well if they went out for a date. 

On the January 7th episode of 'Running Man,' the members sat together to ask their luck in 2018 to an expert fortune teller. They asked about their health, career, as well as love; needless to say, the love topic is the one which garners viewers' attention the much. 

To Song Jihyo, the fortune teller said, "This year, you will earn much money, and you might have some flings on March or April. However, since your standard is getting high, it will be a little bit hard. You wish you can get a man who can respect you. The problem is that almost all men don't do that." 

Image Source: Youtube 'SBS Running Man' Screenshot

Hearing the statement, Song Jihyo responded, "Then, how about Kim Jongkook? Last year, you said that he is okay for me." The fortune teller answered, "Your soul is thirsty and Jongkook's soul is full of water, so I think you two will be great together. It's around 85 to 95 points for you two."

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Source: [Youtube] SBS Running Man


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