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EXID Hani`s Younger Brother Made Debut through a Music Video and He Looks Fairest as Ever



EXID Hani's brother, Ahn Taehyun, has made his acting debut through a music video. 

Ahn Taehyun is featured on Lim Changhung's latest MV, 'Do You Know That Person,' which was released on October 25th. Various breakups were shown in the video, and Ahn Taehyun play the role of a boyfriend who break up from the girl after she has an affair with another man. 

Image Sourece: Dispatch

Public has started to know him since his appearance on KBS' 'We are Brothers' back in January, 2016, together with Hani. He was still a soldier at that time, and people have been falling in love with his soft and gentle face. 

Image Sourece: Dispatch

Check out the full MV above!

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Source: [Youtube] NH MEDIA

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